Mostly Fabulous

  • Where

  • Vogue Theater, 3290 Sacramento

  • When

  • February 3-10th

The Vogue Theater lies in a mystical far off land called Presidio Heights…where everything is clean and quiet. On Sacramento St. nary a sound but the roll of the fog on its procession up the hill or the airborne dance of laurel leaves detaching themselves from their shadowy perch.

But in this Upper East Side-like echelon of San Francisco, The Vogue is a destination. Not just because it is one of the last 12 un-marred great dames of the cinema reps, and likely San Francisco’s oldest theater – around since 1910, but because come February, The Vogue will be playing all of your favorite British film noirs and other stiff-upper-lip classics in a Mostly British Film Festival.

Who could pass up the chance to see Michael Cane in Get Carter or the Ipcress File? (Although, if you fancy something more of this decade there will be that as well…) Plus, The Vogue is doubly unique in that its concession is chock-full of San Francisco’s greatest treat: It’s It. Nothing better on a chilly San Francisco night, before the warm glow of a theater screen.

Or to really bask in the splendor that is Presidio Heights, top things off with a Violet Beauregarde at nearby Spruce restaurant and you’ve got yourself a perfect evening.

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