Books & Bookshelves

Posted by: Miya
  • Where

  • 99 Sanchez Street

  • Cost

  • varies

  • When

  • 11:00am-7:00pm

Take a simple idea.  Bookshelves.  Great.  How do you make bookshelves better?  Put books on them?  See what just happened there?  Did you hear that little bing go off in your ear?  That was the birth of a brilliant idea! But it’s too late because someone already had that idea.

Books and Bookshelves has been around for 27 years and it’s owner, David Highsmith, has created a veritable haven on Sanchez St.

The front of the store is filled with unstained beautifully simplistic wooden furniture. Desks, chairs, tables, bookshelves (duh), everything, everything, everything! The smell of the wood is hard to resist and the blank canvas of all the unstained raw furniture in inspiring…yet this is only the front room, the back is filled with…you guessed it, books! From floor to ceiling the room is covered in collections of biography, fiction and poetry.

If your eyes tire from reading, wander around the store and admire the artwork hanging on the walls, or the beautiful piano that is nearly lost beneath piles of books. If even then you are looking for more to gawk at (as if you haven’t had enough) there is a small section of free…  yes, FREE records and books, so why not march on out right now and stock up on both!

We live in a time where simplicity is lost in our daily lives. Let’s take an afternoon to reintroduce ourselves to originality, and break free our inner artist by painting a new desk hot pink or reading a book of poetry by a writer we have never heard of.

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