The Feast of Lots

Posted by: Florica
  • Cost

  • 20

  • When

  • 03/17/2011 - 03/19/2011 Thurs-Fri 8pm / Sat 7pm & 10pm

  • Where

  • The Jewish Theater, 470 Florida ST

It begins with a feast lasting many days. As a result of Queen Vashti’s refusal to dance for her husband, a new Queen is selected. Her Hebrew name is Hadassah but she uses her Persian name, Esther, in order to keep her Jewish identity a secret so that she may marry the king.

But when a plot is revealed that Haman, the king’s trusted adviser plans to massacre the Jews of Shushan, Esther is forced into a moral dilemma. Continue to hide her identity to save herself from a perilous end or reveal herself to the king and plead with him to save her people. She chooses the latter of course – and hence the story of Purim as told in the Book of Esther.

The rest is zany fun, masquerading, noise-making and feasting! And what better place to celebrate the festivities than a special Purim sketch comedy show at the Jewish Theater featuring performers from Killing My Lobster!

Dubbed The Whole Megillah – the play is a collaboration between the Hub of the Jewish Community Center and KML. Purim is a holiday where levity, role reversal, and drinking – lots of drinking – are how you celebrate, so a straightforward retelling of the Book of Esther didn’t quite feel right, says the Hub’s Dan Wolf, who conceived and directed the show. Sketch comedy felt like the exact avenue to take.

Featuring absurd skits, drag retellings of The Book of Esther and a special hamantaschen music video - the Whole Megillah will be sure to tickle your funny bone and make you stand up and curse the wicked Haman!

And, if you’re still in a Purim party mood on Sunday, you can continue to celebration at the Jewish Community Center’s Purim Unmaksed event.

Face painting, hamantaschen baking, belly dancing and special treats from Wise Sons and other notable pop-up restaurants and food carts will be FREE to the public on March 20th.

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