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SF Blotter is realized out of a desire to uncover and report on unique locales and activities in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. From food to music, art and politics, SF Blotter is a curated list of fun things to do.

Started by Florica Vlad, who culls content and writes posts, and Ronaldo Barbachano, who administers the site, SF Blotter continues to grow and develop as talented artists and individuals are invited to participate as contributing writers.

The online magazine includes an upcoming events calendar and stories that highlight the spirit of ingenuity in San Francisco’s artists and makers, profiling both new businesses and beloved San Francisco institutions.

Contact: florica[at]sfblotter.com

Writer, Producer, Editor – Florica

Florica loves to uncover all things spectacular and create them when they do not yet exist. She studied film and completed her masters in the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU.

Developer – Ronaldo Barbachano

Web developer, designer, student, avid cyclist and more, Ronaldo is responsible for sfblotter’s clean interface and wordpress-back end interaction. He regularly contributes to open source projects, including his own; which power sfblotter. Ronaldo writes articles of the generally geeky nature at his blog Doing lines. He was also selected by Code for America to participate in Google’s Summer of Code 2011 and company internship. Ronaldo currently lives in San Francisco.

Contributing Writer – Isis Hockenos

Isis Hockenos is charmed by things that are small and by traces left behind. She studied creative writing and art at Sarah Lawrence College. If curiosity is your fancy, hop right over to http://isishockenos.blogspot.com/

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Contributing Writer – Miya Reekers

Originally a SoCal girl, Miya has lived in San Francisco for 5 years. She studied Creative Writing at San Francisco State University and graduated with her bachelors degree in 2008 and will be returning this Fall to begin an MFA program in Fiction. She has been in and out of local writing groups for years and has read her work at Adobe Bookstore. She is an avid reader and is always looking for recommendations!

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Contributing Writer – Abigail Wick

Abigail Wick is a freelance writer, editor, and yoga instructor. She is the creator of Eating with Abs, an online food-writing site featuring cooking shows and guest contributors. Using “green” glamour, Abigail highlights how sexy it is to eat your kale and collard greens. Her work has appeared in VegNews, Better Photoshop Techniques, Grace Ormonde’s Wedding Style, and Elephant Journal. The New York Times food section recently selected one of her articles for its “What We’re Reading” list.

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