Truly They Are Wise Sons

Posted by: Florica

Yes, it’s a sad state of affairs where there’s nary a pastrami on rye to be found….no bagels, no lox, no pickles, no love for the old Jewish delis of yesteryear….

That is until two young enterprising mensches made their way to the City by the Bay and forever changed the way we look at shmaltz and beets.

For a month now, every Saturday (Gevalt! decidedly not keeping the Shabbos) Leo Beckerman and Evan Bloom have been setting up camp in Jackie’s Cafe at 105 Valencia Street and serving delectable dishes like matzo ball soup, chocolate babkas and semitic breakfast sandwiches.

If you go on a cold and rainy San Francisco day – you may be transported to your missed and beloved New York and Chicago delis with their pounds of meats and briny pickled treats. But these Wise Sons definitely step it up a notch – from catering to the abundance of Valencia vegans with their shitake Reubens – to turning babkas into french toast, replete with whipped cream and drizzled in blood orange juice. They have a flair for plating and serve up equally a nostalgia for the forgotten arts and hearty home cooking with a new twist of excitement. To boot they run their outpost with great hospitality and care for their service….because you know, they are good sons!

While for now you may only find them in their Saturday pop-up shop, the pair has high hopes for expansion…and judging by their tremendous popularity it seems that San Francisco really does crave another home of house-made deli meats.

So for now, don’t miss them on Saturdays from 9-2 and the rest of the week two other locales deserve your patronage – Miller’s East Coast Deli on Polk St. and Saul’s Deli on Shattuck in Berkeley (both tremendously authentic and delicious and deserving of praise).

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