The Sweet & Bitterness

Posted by: Florica
  • Where

  • 3200 California St.

  • When

  • November 1st, 7pm

The weight of Kate Moses‘ words hurl towards you like a chocolate tidal wave curling over in slow motion. In the same breadth her memoir Cakewalk is gently sweet, laugh-out-loud-funny and all at once starkly poignant. Its momentum gained through unfliching honesty and deft perception.

Retracing a childhood where suffering was kept at bey by the presence of sweets, Kate Moses writes of her distant father, her effervescent stay-at-home mother (whose early marriage and thwarted dreams of becoming an artist surface in pangs of tortured resentment), her relationship with her two elder brothers and the constant moving they all did as a household – traveling from California to Philadelphia, to the outskirts of Washington D.C to Alaska (all within a matter of years).

Kate’s stories nudge themselves into your heart so fixedly that before you know it you are laughing and crying out loud, sharing her sweet and piercing observations and craving an it’s it, a blondie or a strawberry shortcake! (Which is a good thing that every one of her chapters ends with a recipe for an indulgent sweet).

Speaking at the JCC Arts and Ideas Lecture series on Monday, November 1st, Kate Moses will bring along some home-made treats from the vivid recipes she has collected throughout her childhood years onto her life as a mother herself.

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