Fatted Calf

Posted by: Florica
  • Where

  • 320 Fell St, bt/wn Gough & Octavia

  • When

  • daily, 10am-8pm

  • Cost

  • varies

At long last Hayes Valley has a good butcher to add to its enclave of gourmet eateries. Enter the Fatted Calf, a beautiful airy, rustic temple to charcuterie that features a glass meat locker (from whence you can spy on your dinner and guarantee the absolute freshness of your next pork shoulder).

Amongst pâtés, confits, jerkies and salumis, the Fatted Calf also sells other fine fare like Rancho Gordo beans, salted capers, cornichons, Cowgirl Creamery cheeses and locally sourced butter and eggs.

As San Francisco’s feeding frenzy for gastronomical delights continues, any fine butcher worth his salt must be ready to put on a good show…or at least teach a few formidable classes – here too the Fatted Calf will not disappoint, since it already has a program of classes open to the public (such as whole hog butchery and sure to please favorites like blood and guts!).

Sadly these classes are all filled up till December but sign up for their mailing list to keep up to date on all their offerings… Your cider-brined ham might never be the same and doubtlessly your friends will thank you!

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