Close to your Heart

Posted by: Miya

Today on SFblotter we have a contributing column from the beautiful and crafty Miya Reekers. Miya has a knack for finding cute and delectable places in the city! Although Tart to Tart is not new to the Sunset, Miya tells you why it’s still worth your visit! Take it away Miya….

It’s difficult to throw a rock and not hit a coffee shop in San Francisco. If you consider yourself a pretty prolific reader, San Francisco’s café epidemic can be a true blessing. The question is… which café to choose?

Perhaps you find it difficult to read with Animal Collective screaming over the speakers or even worse, during an open mic! Maybe you’ve already patronized all the cool, mid-twenties, tattooed, free trade, concrete and metal, gallery cafes in the city and tried to blend in. You read ‘Middlesex’ next to the hipster programmer sitting next to you, even though the vibrations from the music shook your table and your coffee stained your book…Just trying to stay cool…. Well, at Tart to Tart on Irving Street you don’t have to…

Housed in the Inner Sunset, Tart to Tart is a quiet, affordable café with, arguably, the best vanilla muffins in town! The lobby is filled with tables seating 2 to 8 people – complete with computer outlets. The coffee is simple but where it lacks in extravagance the pastries make up for in taste. The pastry case is filled with fresh baked muffins, cookies and cakes. Tart to Tart also serves Double Rainbow ice cream so if you are looking for a midnight snack this is the place. Yes midnight! Tart to Tart is open till 1am Monday – Thursday and 2am Friday and Saturday making it the perfect place for late night study sessions and last minute cramming.

No more loud music, no more high prices. Just a clean, well-lighted place to read.

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